April 21, 2023

Topics on Restorative Dentistry and Implants


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Course breakdown

  • Restorative Gap Management in the Aesthetic Zone with or without orthodontic pretreatment
  • An unfavorable relationship between the form and dimension of the dental arch and the number, dimension, and shape of the existing teeth can pose several esthetic, biologic, and functional problems. In this presentation, the various restorative options are discussed based on clinical and scientific evidence: Gap closure and substitution of missing teeth: restorative transformation of substituted teeth into homologous teeth with odontoplasty, direct composite, etched pieces or porcelain veneers. Gap opening and tooth replacement with all-ceramic adhesive bridges, including pontic site development. Gap distribution and restorative compensation with direct composite restorations, etched pieces or porcelain veneers. Gap shifting and restorative compensation with all-ceramic adhesive bridges, composite, etched pieces or veneers. Gap compensation by reconstructive compensation without orthodontics. The reconstructive tools including composite restorations, ceramic veneers, adhesive bridges and implants are discussed, and numerous cases are presented to illustrate the concepts.

  • Learn about Precise Implant Prosthetics - the Key to Success
  • The current various relevant implant designs are discussed both from an engineering, biological and technical perspective - what are the clear pros and cons in terms of handling, mechanical failure potential and risk of peri-implantitis? Is there an ideal implant system?

    Different prosthetic workflows are analyzed - what can we expect, and what do we need to achieve the optimal precision to avoid failures?

About the Speaker

Konrad H. Meyenberg graduated at the University of Zurich, Switzerland in 1985. He completed a 4-year post-graduate program in reconstructive dentistry in Zurich at the department for fixed and removable prosthodontics and material sciences (chairman: Prof. Peter Schärer).

Dr. Meyenberg is a certified specialist for Reconstructive Dentistry of the Swiss and European Dental Society (specialty degree since 1993). He also has a private practice limited to esthetic reconstructive dentistry and implantology in Zurich, Switzerland.

He is a senior lecturer for reconstructive dentistry at the Universitis of Zurich, Dental Schools. Since 1990, he has been a well-known speaker at numerous international congresses and events, having presented at more than 500 congresses. Reviewer of numerous scientific journals.

Dr. Meyenberg just published the book, "Restorative Gap Management in the Aesthetic Zone", which is now available by quintessence and contains all the relevant topics of this course.