December 4, 2020

Rubber Dammit!! The Method Behind The Madness


Seminar Schedule:

Seminar start: 2:00 pm
Duration: 2 hours

The application of rubber dam is seen by many dentists as a stressful exercise that only serves to frustrate both the practitioner and the patient. It is something that is only ever used when it ‘has to be’. Why? The answer is simple- it is an exact science, a mathematical equation if you will. If we do not know the formula then how can we complete the sum? The majority are aware of the many benefits of working under dam, but these are all outweighed by the fact that placing it is so damned difficult!

Céline follows a methodical isolating approach that she has developed and fine-tuned over the last 3 years; it has benefitted her dentistry to such an extent that she now wants to share it with as many as will listen! She has successfully taught hundreds of dentists to quickly place effective and reproduceable dam in almost any scenario. The understanding behind it and steps involved are actually so straight forward that they can even be taught over a quick online message exchange.

With its small, wet, hostile and unpredictable working environment dentistry is inherently difficult. Why not make it easier and less stressful by unlocking the secret weapon that is rubber dam? Learn how to create a working environment that is reproduceable, predictable and patient friendly. This consistent working environment will naturally result in better dentistry both in terms of the quality of work delivered by the dental team and also by providing a more relaxing patient experience. Discover the method behind the madness and join the #rubberdamfam.

Material List:

Dam - the heavier gauge the better!

  • Nic Tone
  • Latex free alternative such as Isodam

Clamps - the speaker's preference is wingless clamps (preference will be explained in lecture)

  • Coltene Hygenic do a good wingless set (most useful: W56, W8, W2, 212, W9)
  • Coltene brinker tissue retractors (6 clamps: B1-6)
  • Hu Friedy 8AD
  • Winged 12a and 13a 'tiger clamps'

Equipment - the speaker's preference is the Coltene Roeko range

  • Frame - ideally small and metal
  • Punch - minimum 5 hole sizes
  • Forceps - vertical lugs with MINIMAL retention grooves or ball ends!

Floss - different types for different jobs

  • Oral B Satin Tape waxed floss
  • Oral B Pro-Expert Premium teflon floss
  • Listerine Gentle Gum Care woven floss


  • Mouth props - Plasdent Extand is the Canadian equivalent to Unodent (speaker's favourite)
  • Sickle probe for inverting
  • Coltene Orashield dam napkins
  • Punch guide
  • Vaseline
  • Wedgets
  • Scissors

About the Speaker

Céline qualified with Distinction and honours from King's College London in 2016, this university was recently ranked as No. 1 in the world for dentistry. During her time there she received a number of prizes and awards for excellence in clinical dentistry, academic theory and patient management. Since then Céline has worked as a general dentist in private practice in London. She enjoys and practices all aspects of general dentistry with a particular interest in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. She is passionate about providing top quality dentistry and in turn strives to inspire others and promote her "good enough is never good enough" mantra.

Over the last few years Céline's name has become increasingly well-known both in the UK and amongst the international dental community as an advocate for many modern approaches to dentistry including biomimetics and of course the use of rubber dam. She is a leading educator in the field of rubber dam and believes it should be seen as the foundation stone of all modern adhesive dentistry protocols and techniques. She runs a hands-on course in London and has hosted many virtual webinars and hands-on sessions with some being watched by over 10,000 dentists around the world. Rubber dam is a trending topic these days with the #rubberdamfam community growing at a rapid pace thanks in part to Céline's enthusiastic teaching and passion for delivering excellence.